Decentralized management system

Otana is a decentralized management method built on a proof of stake mechanism and aimed at making it easier to pay, track, secure and earn with your crypto. It represents the first real-world implementation of a decentralized management method and offers a new paradigm for designing organizations.

otana network


The crypto world is still growing every day and it looks like it will continue to evolve. More and more people around the world are starting to use crypto currencies for investing or as a means of payment. Still, for many of us the crypto world is very complex and complicated. That's why we want to change this with Otana. We bring you a decentralized management system for crypto currencies.


Low Transaction fee

Transparancy and trust


Otana provides low transaction fees and fast transacion convenience for holders and liqidity providers. A percentage of each transaction fee will go back to the holders of the currency and a percentage of the transaction fee will go to further developing the protocol.

Otana allows you to make guaranteed purchases between business to consumer and transactions between wallet to wallet. Transaction are carried out in a transparent, fair and secure manner with its decentralized structure.

Otana which is designed to work in integration with networks, aims to provide ease of operation to consumers and business. Users can use a cross chain smart contract that is connected with two different chains and perform an automatic exchange of tokens.




  • Rolling out Community sale round

  • IDO

  • Announcement ecosystem

  • Building community


  • Launching payment system

  • Roll out of Public sale round


  • Provide research on addeble assest on payment system

  • Establishment of new economics incentives to increase longer liquidity in vaults Locklet Testnel


  • Contract development BEP-20

  • Finalizing white paper

  • Ecosystem planning

  • Launch website

  • Rollout of private sale round


  • Development of main product BSC network

  • Certik Audit

  • Marketing push

  • Team Expansion

  • Otana V2 development


  • Hardware wallet announcement

  • Deploying OTANA V2 on testnet

  • Prepare for listing on Cex

  • Launch beta version app

  • Deploying staking machanisme

Accelerate fast in 2021 & 2022



Angel investors
10%  (8% unlocked before listing, Vesting
           at 100% over 1year)

Community Rewards
5%  (8% unlocked before listing, Vesting
            at 25% over 4years)

20%  (3.2% unlocked before listing, Vesting
               at 25% over 4years)

Founding Team
30%  (20% unlocked before listing, Vesting
               at 25% over 4years)

Burn token
50%  (50% of the total supply will be burned,
                vesting at 25% over 4years)

Total supply
100%  (2.500.000.000 OTA)

token 3D-01_edited.png

15%  (100% unlocked before listing)

5%  (8% unlocked before listing, Vesting
            at 25% over 4years)

15%  (25% unlocked before listing, Vesting
               at 25% over 4years)

15%  (375.000.000 OTA)

Payment mechanisme

Staking for pool accesses

Fixed swap pools

Wallet Trackers

Android and ios application


Hardeware wallet 
(announcement later this year)




Nico Standaert

Hello Nico here! 
I am the founder of Otana Dc, in my opinion crypto is the 
future of the financial world, currently the crypto space is still very unknown to the General Public. At otana we want to make Crypto assets accessible to everyone. Will you help build this path?

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Otana is a collective of Visionaries, Business developers, Crypto marketers, Content creators, Solidity Dev’s, Software engineers & UX designers from different backgrounds. The team at the time of writing is composed of 4 key members and as the ecosystem grows we will be onboarding more contributors, voting for representatives & hiring based upon the concluded decisions made by means of the DAO portal.


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